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According to Wikipedia:

5222 TCP     XMPP client connection (RFC 3920)        Official  
5223 TCP     XMPP client connection over SSL          Unofficial
5269 TCP     XMPP server connection (RFC 3920)        Official
5298 TCP UDP XMPP JEP-0174: Link-Local Messaging /    Official
             XEP-0174: Serverless Messaging
8010 TCP     XMPP File transfers                      Unofficial    

The port numbers are defined in RFC 3920:

14.8. Firewalls

Communications using XMPP normally occur over TCP connections on port 5222 (client-to-server) orport 5269 (server-to-server), as registered with the IANA (see IANA Considerations). Use of these well-known ports allows administrators to easily enable or disable XMPP activity through existing and commonly-deployed firewalls.

15.9. Port Numbers

The IANA has registered "xmpp-client" and "xmpp-server" as keywords for TCP ports 5222 and 5269respectively.

These ports SHOULD be used for client-to-server and server-to-server communications respectively, but their use is OPTIONAL.

출처 - http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3452161/which-ports-does-xmpp-uses

TCP 5280 : port 5280/tcp uses the xmpp-bosh protocol for service type xmpp-bosh

참조 ; tigase.org

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