Developer(s)Artur Hefczyc
Initial releaseOctober 2004
Stable releasetigase-server-5.1.0-b3002[1] / August 21, 2012; 4 months ago
Development statusActive
Written inJava (programming language)
Operating systemCross-platform
TypeXMPP server
License5.1.0 and newerAGPL3;[2]
5.0.0 and earlier - GPL3

Tigase is an open source (AGPL3) project started by Artur Hefczyc in October 2004 to develop XMPP server implementation in Java.

Initially the goal was to develop fully compliant XMPP server with backward compatibility with informal XMPP specification. In time the project has been split into smaller parts - server implementation, xmltools containing parser for XML streams and test suite with built-in scripting language.

In summer 2006 client side library and application in Java have joined Tigase project.




Now Tigase consists of following subprojects:

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Coordinates58°21′01″N 26°59′45″E


Copyright © 2004-2012 Tigase.org. <http://www.tigase.org/>

The Tigase Jabber/XMPP Server is Open Source and Free (AGPLv3) Java based server.

The server offers complete implementation of the XMPP protocol with a long list of extensions. Effcient, reliable and very extensible can be easily integrated it with your systems.

The unique features of the Tigase server are

  1. High performance and scalability. Was tested with up to 500 000 concurrent users connected to a single machine and in cluster with over 1mln online users.
  2. High reliability. Tries to run as long as possible and tried to automaticaly recover from detected problems.
  3. Built-in many self monitoring functions. You can check your systems statistics via XMPP, JMX, HTTP, SNMP or you can automatically receive notifications about possible problems.
  4. Scripting support - scripts can be loaded/reloaded at run time. Many scripting languages are supported
  5. Virtual hosts support. You can have virtually unlimited virtual hosts which can be added/removed at runtime. You can temporarily block vhost or limit number of users per vhost.
  6. There is much more... check the official change log and the project website.

People who contributed to the project in alphabetical order:

  • Artur Hefczyc (kobit)
  • Bartosz Małkowski (bmalkow)
  • Mateusz Fiołka
  • Tomasz Sterna (smoku)
  • ... and many others.

Installtion, configuration and compilation

The most recent documentation on all these topics is always available in the project website: www.tigase.org. Please refer to the website for all the details and always up to date guides.

You would probably want to start with Quick Start: http://www.tigase.org/content/quick-start documentation.

The website also contains lots of other useful information like load tests results, user discussions and online support and help always available to you.

This is 5.1.3-b2985 release of the server. Please include the exact version number in all correspondence regarding the server.

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