Simple (or Streaming) Text Oriented Message Protocol (STOMP), formerly known as TTMP, is a simple text-based protocol, designed for working with Message Oriented Middleware. It provides an interoperable wire format that allows STOMP clients to talk with any Message Broker supporting the protocol. It is thus language-agnostic, meaning a broker developed for one language or platform can receive communications from client software developed in another language.


The protocol is broadly similar to HTTP, and works over TCP using the following commands:

  • SEND
  • ACK
  • NACK

Communication between client and server is through a "frame" consisting of a number of lines. The first line contains the command, followed by headers in the form <key>: <value> (one per line), followed by a blank line and then the body content, ending in a null character. Communication between server and client is through a MESSAGE, RECEIPT or ERROR frame with a similar format of headers and body content.

STOMP is similar to the OpenWire (binary protocol), used by the Apache ActiveMQ broker.


These are some MOM products that support STOMP:

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