How to intercept all requests for favicon.ico in SpringMVC?

I've got a controller that will respond to /favicon.ico appropriately.

But I just realized that when you're in a sub page such as /subpage/index.html the browser (at least chrome) is requesting /subpage/favicon.ico.

Is there a clean way to just respond to all favicon.ico requests? I'd rather not redirect all .ico requests if possible, but if that's the best solution, perhaps.

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How about approaching this from a content type rather than a path. ContentNegotiatingViewResolver? – chrislovecnm Oct 1 '11 at 23:21
I'm leery of intercepting all icons (a future gotcha waiting to happen), which is what I think you suggest. But not a bad idea. – David Parks Oct 1 '11 at 23:47

Ok, one option I just finagled out of my fingers using the controller:

public class PublicPagesController extends BaseController {
    public String favIconForward(){
        return "forward:/public/img/fav.ico";

    // ...other stuff...

Note the need to use the file name fav.ico, if you try this using file name favicon.ico you'll get an infinite loop.

I previously was using this approach for just @RequestMapping("favicon.ico")

And this assumes you're serving static content out of /public with something like this:

<mvc:resources mapping="/public/**" location="/public/"/>

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