Lisog is a German open source non profit business development organization founded in 2005 in Stuttgart.[1] Lisog has about 120 members (April 2011) and branch offices in BerlinHamburgVienna,[2] ZurichPalo Alto and Toronto. The members are providers, user companies, and scientific partners like universities.

In 2011 Lisog was merged with the LIVE association. The new organization is called Open Source Business Alliance.[3]




The main goal of Lisog is the promotion of solutions based on open source software. The Lisog open source stack initiative brings together isolated modules and providers to a unified enterprise stack.

Lisog helps companies to develop an open source based business strategy. Many providers of the Lisog open source stack had a proprietary offering only.

The Lisog cloud initiative brings this stack into several clouds. The infrastructure partners in Germany (IaaS) are Noris Network and FujitsuLisog works together with the Open Cloud Initiativeinitiated by Sam Johnston to provide a full open source cloud enterprise stack. The main goal here is to avoid a vendor lock-in for users.


The board of Lisog consists of 12 members:

  • Dr. Karl-Heinz Strassemeyer, IBM Deutschland Entwicklung (Chairman)
  • Holger Dyroff, Novell (Deputy Chairman)
  • Thomas Uhl, Topalis Holding GmbH (Deputy Chairman)
  • Prof. Dr. Helmut Krcmar, Technische Universität München
  • Henriette Baumann, integratio GmbH
  • Karl-Eugen Binder, Stuttgarter Lebensversicherung
  • Martin Jähn, Unternehmensberatung Martin Jähn & Partner GmbH
  • Niels Mache, struktur AG
  • Jens Ziemann, Red Hat
  • Elmar Geese, Tarent GmbH
  • Peter Ganten, Univention GmbH
  • Rico Barth, Cape IT GmbH

[edit]Lisog open source stack

Lisog open source stack

Virtual Desktop EnvironmentRed Hat, Topalis, Univention
Web PortalRed Hat, Tarent, OpenSAGA
CRM/Project managementProjectile, Information Desire SoftwareCustomer relation management, project, program and portfolio management
ERPNuclos (Novabit), HeliumVEnterprise Resource Planning
ITSMOTRSIT Service management
GWOpen-Xchange, VIPcom, ZarafaGroupware
PMOnePointProject management
PLMOSSWORXProduct Lifecycle Management
BIJasperSoftBusiness Intelligence
DMSagorum coreDocument management
BPMSOPERA BPMBPMN, BPEL, BPEL4PEOPLE, Process server and monitor
DatabaseEnterpriseDB, IngresPostgresGraphDBDatenbanken
Application ServerJBoss, Sopera ASFJEE Application Server, eclipseSOA WebService AppServer
ESBJBoss, Sopera ASF, MuleEnterprise Service Bus
Application IntegrationSopera DIDrag & Drop ETL Data integration components
OpenMAPITopalis, Wilken, ZarafaE-Mail, Groupware
e-mail archiveBennoSMTP-based e-mail archive
VOIPAsterisk, CowicVoice over IP
Linux/HypervisorNovell, Red Hat, debian (credativ), UCS (Univention)operating systems
File sharingfilespotsFile sharing and file converter
iFolderNovellFile sharing in the cloud
Online StorageRisingTide SystemsiSCSIFCoEFC Storage server, based on LIO Target
HAPacemaker (LinBit/Red Hat/Novell)High availability, data mirroring
BackupSEP SesamBackup and recovery
ArchivGrau Data AGLongterm archive OPENARCHIVE
HardwarePyramid, Boston DeutschlandHardware for Cloud center and appliances

[edit]Open Source Integration Initiative (OSII)

Currently Lisog works on a project which will integrate the single components through a SOA strategy. The project is hosted by MFG in Stuttgart and founded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology within the Central Innovation Programme SME.[4]

Lisog SOA approach


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  4. ^ SME/ZIM Programme of German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology

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